Rahmenanordnung fuer ein fahrzeugdach

Road vehicle roof arrangement - involves sliding roof in frame made of injection-moulded plastics, with reinforcement plates in high load areas


The roof frame incorporates guides, comprising cable guide channels to take non-bendable drive cables which work in conjunction with a drive device via a drive shaft, and guide tracks for a movement mechanism for the sliding roof. In the vehicle longitudinal direction, the frame has long parts (3,4) and at least one cross part (5,6). At least the long parts of the frame (2) have reinforcement plate parts (17) in the area of the roof closure position. The reinforcement plate parts are identical in shape, and the long and cross part of the frame are formed as one piece. On the frame, fixture flanges (16) are injection-moulded for attachment to the fixed roof part of the vehicle. USE - As a frame for a sliding roof on a road vehicle.




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