Method for manufacturing master batch used for electrophotographic toner



【課題】トナー主樹脂との混合時には、低シェア力でトナー主樹脂中に分散することが可能であり、着色剤の分散性に優れたマスターバッチの製造方法を提供する。 【解決手段】着色剤である顔料粒子表面に化学的手法によって、樹脂材料を被覆化する工程を有し、顔料粒子を内包する樹脂微粒子の分散液中において、機械的・電気的に凝集させる工程を有し、分散液中で沈降させ固形物として生成するマスターバッチであり、樹脂で被覆化された顔料から構成されているので、顔料粒子の凝集体が存在しておらず、トナー主樹脂との混合時には、容易に顔料を内包している樹脂微粒子界面で分離するため、低シェア力でトナー主樹脂中に分散することが可能になる。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for manufacturing a master batch which can be dispersed into the main resin of toner with low shear force during mixing with the main resin of the toner and is superior in the dispersibility of a coloring agent. SOLUTION: The manufacturing method has a process of coating a resin material by a chemical technique on the surface of a pigment particle, which is the coloring agent and has a process of mechanically and electrically flocculating the pigment particles within a dispersion liquid of the included resin particulates, and the master batch is generated as a solid by settling the resin particles within the dispersion liquid. Since the master batch is composed of the pigment coated with the resin, aggregate of the pigment particles does not exist and the pigment particles separate easily at the resin particulate boundaries, including the pigments during mixing with the main resin of the toner and therefore the dispersion in the main resin of the toner is made possible with a low shear force. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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