Impervious structure of joint



【課題】連続配置されたケーソン等の構造物は不等沈下により目地の間隔が変位して止水ができないという問題がある。 【解決手段】 連続配置したケーソンやL型ブロック等の構造物の目地を構成する互いに対向する側壁の外面の角部に、所定間隔に設けたアンカーによって埋め込みプレートを取付け、その対向する埋め込みプレートに止水目地材の両側をそれぞれ固着させてたるみを持たせた状態で取り付け、さらに、前記埋め込みプレートを外側から覆うように移動代を有する耐圧目地材の両側をそれぞれケーソンに固着させて設けたことを特徴とする。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a means which can adapt to any variation in the width of a joint, in terms of an impervious structure of the joint between structures constructed in a sea (water) area, such as caissons or L-shaped blocks. SOLUTION: Characteristically, embedded plates are attached to corner parts of outer surfaces of mutually opposed side walls, which constitute the joint between the structures such as the continuously arranged caissons or L-shaped blocks, by means of anchors which are provided at predetermined intervals; both sides of a cut-off joint material are each attached to the embedded plates, facing each other, in the state of being fixed to them while sagging; and both sides of a pressure-resistant joint material with a movement margin are each fixed to the caissons so as to cover the embedded plate from the outside. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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