Personal identification device, portable terminal, identification data input processing program, and terminal control program



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent a password from being stolen by a malicious third party without the need of complicated display control in a personal identification device for performing personal identification by having a person to be identified input the password. <P>SOLUTION: Dummy numbers are fitted at random in a registered password registered in an identification server, the dummy input pattern of a password with a part of the numbers of the password made a concealed sign * (for example, "1**6*2*") is generated (A1 to A4), transmitted to the portable telephone of an accessing party to be identified (A5), and displayed as a password input guide picture (B2→B3). In the portable telephone, when a password including the dummy numbers with the password fitted therein in the concealed sign * of the dummy input patter displayed on the password input guide picture is inputted by a user (B4), and received by the identification server (B5→A6). Then, the dummy numbers are deleted from the received password including the dummy numbers (A7), the password is compared and collated with the registered password (A8), and the personal identification is performed. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】認証対象人物にパスワードを入力させて個人認証を行う個人認証装置で、複雑な表示制御などを必要とせず悪意の第3者からパスワードが盗み読みされるのを防止する。 【解決手段】認証サーバに登録された登録パスワードにランダムにダミー数字を嵌め込み当該パスワードの数字部分を目隠し記号*にしたパスワードのダミー入力パターン(例えば“1**6*2*”)を生成し(A1〜A4)認証対象アクセス元の携帯電話へ送信して(A5)パスワード入力ガイド画面として表示させる(B2→B3)。携帯電話においてパスワード入力ガイド画面に表示されたダミー入力パターンの目隠し記号*にパスワードを嵌め込んだダミー数字を含むパスワードがユーザ入力され(B4)認証サーバに受信されると(B5→A6)、この受信されたダミー数字を含むパスワードからダミー数字が除去される(A7)と共に前記登録パスワードと比較照合され(A8)個人認証される。 【選択図】 図7




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