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【課題】 ロック自動解除機構の簡素化と、組立性の向上を図ると共に、ロック解除時における信頼性の向上が図れるスイッチ装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 収納部1a、1bを有するハウジング1と、収納部1a内に配設された固定接点2と、固定接点2と接離する可動接点6を保持し、ハウジング1の上下方向に移動可能に収納された操作部材4と、操作部材4を押圧位置にロックするロック手段と、操作部材4のロックを解除するロック解除手段とを備え、ロック手段は、ハート型カム溝9aとハート型カム溝内9aを摺動するロックピン14aで構成され、ロック解除手段は、電磁ソレノイド10で構成され、操作部材4が押圧位置にロックされた際には、電磁ソレノイド10を駆動させることにより、ロックピン14aを操作部材4の押圧方向と直交する方向に移動させて操作部材4のロック解除を行なうようにした。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a switch device in which simplification of automatic lock release mechanism and improvement in assembly are realized as well as improvement in reliability at lock releasing is improved. SOLUTION: The switch device comprises a housing 1 having housing parts 1a, 1b, a fixed contact 2 arranged in the housing part 1a, an operating member 4 which holds a movable contact 6 for contacting and separating from the fixed contact 2 and is housed in the housing 1 movably in vertical direction, a locking means for locking the operating member 4 at the pressing position, and a lock releasing means for releasing locking of the operating member 4. The locking means is constructed of a heart-shape cam channel 9a and a lock pin 14a for sliding in the heart-shape cam channel 9a, and the lock releasing means is constructed of an electromagnetic solenoid 10. When the operating member 4 is locked at the pressing position, the lock pin 14a is moved in the direction crossing at right angles to the pressing direction of the operating member 4 by driving the electromagnetic solenoid 10, and the locking of the operating member 4 is released. COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI




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